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In order for us to maintain an excellent water supply and sewer collection and treatment system, we must charge our customers for their use of our services. In the past, we have had several policies concerning adjustments to bills when leaks have occurred or when pools have been filled. Experience has led the Board of Directors to change several aspects of those policies.


1. Adjustments for leaks will continue to be permitted not more often than once every twelve (12) months. It is up to the customer to decide which leaks are of sufficient quantity to justify seeking an adjustment. Once an adjustment is made for a particular month's billing, no further adjustments for leaks will be allowed earlier than the 12-month anniversary of the month covered by the adjustment.

2. If an adjustment to the bill is allowed, it will be based upon the highest amount of water consumed during the 12-months' time period before the month for which an adjustment is requested. The peak water usage over a 12-months time period provides us with a fair consumption amount to use in determining the sewer portion of the bill for which· an adjustment is made.


3. We will no longer adjust sewer bills for filling swimming pools. In the past, we would read a meter before and after the pool was filled, and adjust the sewer bill by basing it on the total amount of water used, minus the portion that was used to fill the pool. In addition to requiring additional trips to the meter location and administrative time to recalculate the bill, the District’s experience is that many pool systems in fact are connected to the District's sewer collection system; so much of the water does in fact end up being treated, at the expense of the District. If a customer wants to avoid having sewer charges related to filling a pool, a "water only" meter can be obtained.

However, the normal District minimum monthly billings apply to "water only" meters.


4. The District's Office Manager has the primary authority to resolve issues related to billing adjustments and water-only meters. Customers should first attempt to resolve the situation at the staff level. In the event the staff’s decision is unacceptable, the customer may appeal the matter to the District's Board of Directors at a regular monthly meeting. At that time the customer is responsible for providing sufficient information to the Board for deciding the appeal.

District staff will also present information to the Board during the appeal process. Under current

Board policy, the decision of staff will be upheld unless the Board determines that the decision is clearly erroneous. The fact that one or more other outcomes might have been reasonably chosen is not sufficient grounds to overrule the staff decision. The Board's primary role is to make policy decisions for the District, and the staff’s role and responsibility is to carry out those policies and to carry out the day-to-day operations of the District's utility systems.


We are constantly striving to supply reliable and quality water and sewer service at the lowest possible price. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in complying with the policies stated above. Please do not hesitate to contact our offices if you have any questions or need further information about the contents of this letter.

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